Join the MAQ Loyalty program and unlock exclusive rewards for being a valued client. Learn more about our loyalty program and how it benefits our customers.


MAQ LOYALTY is a loyalty program that gives you real benefits - thanks to every order you make.
After each of your orders, the MAQ program LOYALTY will spend 2% of the order value on your account and wallet.
  • It's easy, sign up now and join MAQ at the same time LOYALTY.
  • To become a member of the MAQ LOYALTY program, you must place a minimum of 5 orders and then automatically switch to the program.
  • After each purchase, 2% of its value goes to your account.
  • You can use the amount raised to purchase any spare part offered by MAQ PARTS.

  1. Each of your orders will receive an additional 2% discount that will be credited to your virtual wallet.
  2. Each registered customer receives a virtual wallet in their account.
  3. You must place a minimum of 5 (five) orders before entering the Loyalty Program.
  4. You can use for a period of 360 days from the date of the first order through the MAQ LOYALTY program.
  5. You decide whether you want to use them for the next order or collect them for a larger order.
  6. The maximum value you can collect through the MAQ LOYALTY program is up to 2000 Euros for 1 year.

MAQ PARTS manufactures and supplies spare parts, with the aim of reaching all companies that have construction machinery, agricultural machinery, storage equipment, forklifts, generators or other industrial machinery for which we can provide spare parts.

The prices that reach each customer are precisely calculated to reach the end customer at an excellent price for the high quality it provides to all spare parts.

With the MAQ LOYALTY program we provide an additional 2% discount for each customer of each order.
Join the special MAQ LOYALTY program and save on every purchase of spare parts and consumables.
All you have to do is register!

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