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A full warranty backs all new spare parts from MAQ PARTS. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of the original invoice.

In the case of ordering parts that are not available in our warehouse, an advance payment (deposit) is required, having a security function and the role of compensation stipulating that the defaulting party can retain the deposit, resp. to request the return of the deposit in double the amount in case of non-fulfillment of the contract by the opposite party.

Spare parts for engines:
Spare parts and components for the engine (ie pistons, pistons rings, piston bushings, cylinder engines blocks and heads, valves, etc.) and external engine elements (ie oil and water pumps, turbochargers, etc.) .) are guaranteed not to contain defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months after installation from the date of the original invoice and receipt. Fuel systems such as fuel lift pumps, fuel injection pumps, injectors (fuel nozzles), and other fuel elements in some countries with high sulfur content in diesel fuel (Directive 98/70 / EC on the quality of petrol and diesel fuels) )
Warranty valid only for installation! After starting the engine and the proper operation of the part purchased from MAQ PARTS, the warranty of the part is void.

Attached Inventories:
All attached inventories purchased from MAQ PARTS from the date of the invoice have a 12-month warranty. Attachments include Excavator buckets, teeth, knives, drills, adapters and side cutters, concrete buckets, cleaning brushes, hydraulic hammers, and more.

Running gear;
Chassis parts, steel chains, rubber track, track rollers, sprockets, final drives, sloths, and other parts related to the chassis of tracked machines are supported by a 12-month full warranty from the original invoice date.
All MAQ TRACK rubber chains have a 12-month warranty against breakage.

Electrical components:
They are guaranteed for 12 months after installation
Sensors, reverse, ignition switches, headlights, turn signals, control panels, computers, and other electrical components.

Hydraulic components:
All hydraulic pumps, end gears pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic valves, and other hydraulic components have a full warranty of 12 months from the date of issue of the original invoice.

Spare parts for a cab:
cabin spare parts are usually glass. Cabin glasses or windows that do not have a warranty period. 
The glass guarantee is valid until sent via a courier company. When you receive glasses, you always check before you accept from a transport company.

The guarantee document is your invoice!

Return of spare parts purchased with a document from MAQ PARTS
All returns (whether defective or otherwise) must be requested within 30 days of the invoice being issued.
Returned goods will be accepted ONLY with a return authorization number issued.

Returned items must be returned to MAQ PRTS with prepaid cargo to the transport company through which you return the spare part.

All returns (except returns involving a confirmed defect by our product engineers) will be subject to 25% of the sales value, ie. if you return a spare part for no reason (due to a wrong order, no need or other reason due to your fault) you will be credited with 25% lower value than the invoiced.

Goods returned as defective will be thoroughly tested and inspected. For goods that are confirmed as defective, MAQ PARTS will repair or replace the goods or issue a full credit for the defective goods (at its discretion).
Goods that are returned as defective, but left by our engineer that it works properly, will be subject to a test fee + 25% more condition for the returned spare part due to your fault.
Credit will not be issued for goods damaged due to corrosive materials, misuse, alteration, or defects during your installation, which led to a defect in the product.

Before returning any goods to MAQ PARTS, you must obtain a return authorization number from your personal spare parts manager account.
Each registered client of MAQ PARTS receives a personal account manager, which can be contacted during business hours or send a request via the Warranty form on our contact page.

Your warranty, return, or exchange request must include:
1. Part number and description
2. Reason for return
3. Order number
4. Invoice number
5. Company VAT number

All orders are subject to approval and acceptance by MAQ PARTS
The following conditions apply to all orders and are subject to change without notice.
MAQ PARTS reserves the right to cancel accepted orders if circumstances are beyond its control (including but not limited to fires, floods, strikes, labor disputes, accidents, sabotage, terrorism, war, riots, transport delays or lack of transport facilities, restrictions imposed by law, shortage of materials and other similar issues) regarding the delivery of products that you have ordered to our company.
MAQ PARTS cannot deliver products on time according to such an order.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Unless otherwise stated, all prices for Europe are in Euros.

Payment terms:

• Payment by bank transfer to proforma invoice or stick number (which is unambiguous). To process your order on the same business day, you can attach and send a payment document to verify payment.

• Payments by credit and debit cards will be available only during the order in our web platform (after receiving confirmation of the order from our employee, you have the opportunity to confirm the order to make payment by credit or debit card), which gives you instant reaction for the preparation of your order and receipt and immediately according to the requested method of delivery.

• Payment by wallet is an excellent, convenient, and fastest way to order from MAQ PARTS. 
Each registered user receives a virtual wallet in their account. To have an active wallet, you need to top up with a bank or card transfer. When you have the available environment in your wallet, all your orders will be processed with high importance and all available spare parts of your orders will be shipped on the same business day.

Overdue accounts:
All amounts not paid when due are subject to a balance fee of 3% per month to the extent permitted by law and otherwise at the highest written contractual rate permitted by law. All unpaid invoices when due are subject to collection and court fees.

Terms of delivery/freight:
The products are sold ex-warehouse of MAQ PARTS.
The buyer agrees to pay for delivery, to pick up in person from our warehouse, to send a transport company to pick up the shipment, in accordance with customer-specific rules for freight transport of MAQ PARTS.

1. Sending express shipments through our organization to a transport company where additional value is charged for transport, according to the volume and weight of the shipment, according to the country and address of the recipient, according to a transport company that each customer can choose when ordering on our web platform.
All express delivery orders (24 to 48 hours) must be confirmed no later than 14:00 on a business day!

2. Sending standard shipments through our organization to a transport company where additional value is charged for transport, according to the volume and weight of the shipment, according to the country and address of the recipient, according to the transport company which each customer has the opportunity to choose when ordering on our web platform.
All orders via standard delivery (4 to 7 days) must be confirmed no later than 17:00 on a business day!

3. Each of our clients has the opportunity to organize their own or rented transport through which to collect the order from our warehouse.
You will be able to find out the address of the warehouse from which your order will be prepared for each order, depending on the availability of products from your requested ones.
When ordering your transport or hiring a transport company, it is necessary to send us the tracking number and the document you received from the transport company you requested in order to place the document on your shipment.
If you have requested transport to collect a shipment, you need to send the document (tracking label) with which your shipment will travel.

Orders cannot be canceled once they have been processed and handed over to a transport company.

In case you have additional questions, contact your account manager or the relevant department which can be found on our contact page.

Download the warranty file and return spare parts here

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