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In the case of the construction industry, saving always pays off in the long run. Beyond the money, the savings relate to creating an inventory of spare parts for each construction project.

At MAQ PARTS we offer spare parts for JCB, CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, VOLVO construction equipment, among other brands, because we understand that having and maintaining an adequate level of service is a vital aspect for this type of industry, especially when it comes to replaceable, alternative spare parts. and originals. Having good quality spare parts generates several benefits at different operational levels.

Importance of a spare parts inventory

The importance of having an inventory is that the demand for spare parts is often characterized by being intermittent. It means that demand can be infrequent and is extremely dispersed over time periods. In other words, the demand for spare parts is extremely sporadic. This irregular demand arrives every time a component fails or requires replacement. Furthermore, complexity increases due to variability in order quantity and size.

Due to this sporadic nature of needing parts, the principles of creating an inventory are often not applied. Therefore, it is necessary to use alternative methods to ensure a smooth flow of return on investment. The way forward would be structured and proper inventory management.

Benefits of an effective spare parts inventory

High level of service
The ideal is to have the right spare parts at the right time and place. In this case, MAQ PARTS is a supplier of spare parts that allows you to carry out your business efficiently and effectively. By giving you the ability to have the correct spare parts in stock, your projects will run smoothly, even after a major breakdown. Thus avoiding the loss of crucial time and wages while waiting for the correct parts to meet market demands.

Avoid unwanted expenses
Buying replacement parts can be expensive to begin with, but this cost pales in comparison to the expense incurred during a breakdown without replacement parts available. Not having spare parts within reach can lead to the closure of the entire company. The work and the execution of the work are stopped while the arrival of the new spare parts is still awaited. Having spare parts available for JCB construction equipment such as backhoe loader, mini excavator, excavator, telescopic handles among others, will completely avoid unwanted expenses.

Efficient control of all processes
Having an effective control and adequate systematic management of a spare parts inventory will completely avoid errors such as duplicate orders or those requests for spare parts that do not correlate with the reality of the demand.

Optimal team activity time
Spare parts inventory systems for construction equipment provide an improved repair time rate, which naturally leads to further savings. Efficient spare parts management helps reduce time wasted on assets that are not in use.

Other benefits would be:

Improved transparency leading to effective spare parts inventory management.
Reduction of costs, avoiding having obsolete spare parts.
As we have said, having an effective spare parts inventory will allow you to manage it properly. Also, it is necessary and crucial for any construction business. Get the best and most essential spare parts for JCB construction equipment or other brands online, only at

Recommendations for making an online purchase of spare parts for JCB construction equipment or other brands.

Guarantee: Ask yourself, what do you value most? A provider that offers a guarantee or one that offers none? It goes without saying that a warranty offers added peace of mind. Keep in mind that spare parts from unreliable manufacturers will hardly give you a warranty or maybe one for a few months. Consequently, opting for quality spare parts will prevent a hole in your pocket.

Safety: Construction sites and unexpected accidents always go hand in hand. So you can't afford to buy cheap parts. Genuine replacement parts are manufactured using strict testing procedures and are made from high-quality products to ensure safety.

Before you buy, always check vendor reviews. Being picky at this point pays off. For this reason, at MAQ PARTS we are committed to supplying all the necessary spare parts to keep your construction machinery running smoothly.

Versatility: If your provider is based on popularity, they are probably faking it.

OEM make aftermarket parts even for older models, unlike aftermarkets that tend to stick with popular models. A good manufacturer will see to the needs of his machinery. At MAQ PARTS we work to provide quality spare parts for all brands and types of machines.

Knowledge and experience:
A poor quality product is just a poor imitation of the original, bringing little reliability. You should choose a manufacturer who is in the habit of conducting extensive research before manufacturing the replacement parts and is aware of all the minute details of the replacement parts. It should also give you a detailed explanation of its use and applications.

Beware of unknown parts suppliers

If you want to properly carry construction equipment parts inventory, it goes without saying that you need to stay in the right market. Although you are looking for cheap and quality replacement parts, do not buy products that are rejected in other countries.

This type of spare parts can bring you many problems because:

They are not made according to standard quality parameters.
They are not made according to the appropriate work environment.
In short, stay alert when you see messages like "great great deals" when buying construction equipment parts online. Because unlike clothes and other items, if something goes wrong, it can cost you a lifetime of worry and money.

Proactive maintenance

Maintaining a good inventory of spare parts for JCB construction equipment or other brands can increase the durability and reliability of your equipment. Especially when it comes to heavy or construction equipment that is very complex such as: backhoe, mini excavator, excavator, telescopic handles among others. Maintenance improves with proper manpower and scheduling.

For its part, proactive maintenance is an ongoing process of working to improve the performance of your equipment. There are two types of maintenance, preventive and conditioning. Preventive maintenance, as its name suggests, helps prevent damage that may occur to the equipment or its spare parts. Conditioning maintenance promotes regular service and upgrades that equipment may need.

A maintenance schedule should include:

Daily checks.
Periodic controls.
Periodic inspections and,
A regular service.
Also, daily checks should be made to ensure that the core parts of the equipment are working. In this way, you can also increase the useful life of your equipment.

Familiarize yourself with the specifications

To find the best construction equipment replacement parts, you need to familiarize yourself with their specifications. In this way, you will be able to verify if the desired spare parts match the original specifications of the equipment. One of the best methods to inspect a replacement part is to choose a supplier that has a lot of experience in the industry.

At MAQ PARTS, we are known as a supplier of hundreds of the highest quality parts for construction equipment, having worked closely with parts and machine manufacturers for years. This has given us a competitive advantage as a supplier of industrial parts with faster delivery times and better prices. In addition, we are familiar with the service history of each machine we offer, as well as the quality of the materials of the replacement parts.

By knowing your equipment specifications properly and scheduling an appropriate maintenance plan, you will be able to choose the best supplier to purchase your replacement parts from. Buying spare parts through reliable suppliers, like us, will not only be affordable, but also provide you with other services. This will help you reap long-term benefits, such as improved condition of your machinery, lower maintenance cost, and will also allow you to take corrective action to upgrade and replace your equipment when necessary.

Our objective at MAQ PARTS is to guarantee effective attention in the sale of this type of spare parts for JCB construction equipment or other brands, so relevant to heavy machinery, meeting the needs of our customers at all times.

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