Original and Aftermarket Spare Parts for JCB Excavator

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  • 11.04.2022
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MAQ PARTS offers original and aftermarket spare parts for all models of JCB excavators.
The spare parts we sell are of very high quality, and many of them are manufactured in the manufacturers of basic components that are installed in the production of the machine.

Hydraulic pumps and distributors for JCB.
The JCB 3CX and JCB combination excavators are mainly equipped with a Parker hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pumps of the American manufacturer Parker are extremely strong pumps, which JCB puts in its excavators for many years.
In addition to Hydraulic Pumps, Parker also manufactures almost all components for the hydraulic system of JCB combined excavators. Produces hydraulic distribution valves, hydraulic valves, transmission control solenoids and much more.
MAQ PARTS offers all Parker products with a full 12-month warranty.

The hydraulic pumps in the JCB crawler excavators are axially piston and the manufacturer is Kayaba and Kawasaki.
The main hydraulic distributors for almost all JCB crawler excavators are Kawasaki.
In general, most of the top excavators at JCB are Japanese, not only because they use Japanese hydraulic systems, but also until recently installed the Japanese Isuzu engine.
In 1991, JCB co-produced crawler excavators with Sumitomo of Japan, which ended in 1998. Two years later, JCB's plant was completed in Puller near Savannah, Georgia, USA, and the following year the plant was discovered in Brazil.
MAQ PARTS offers hydraulic pumps, hydraulic distributors from TOP world manufacturers, including Kawasaki and Kayaba.

Engines mounted in JCB excavators.
The combined excavators JCB 3CX and JCB 4CX are the most popular machines in the company's production.
In these combined excavators, such as telescopic loaders, mini excavators, mini loaders and others, the manufacturer uses Perkins engines.
Until 2005, JCB was actively installing the Perkins engine, and this year it produced its own JCB Diesel Max engine, which began to be installed in a large part of the brand's product range.
Currently, there are more JCB machines on which they are fitted with 3-cylinder Perkins engines, because JCB will hardly start production of a different 4-cylinder engine.
JCB uses only in-cylinder technology to obtain Tier 4-Interim certification for its Ecomax engines.

JCB uses its own combustion process design (pending patent), which combines ultra-high injection pressures of 29,000 psi in the Common Rail system, with a variable geometry turbocharger for fast response at low revs per minute. Refrigerated exhaust gas recirculation is used to further reduce emissions by passing a small amount of exhaust gas back through the engine to cool the combustion process and reduce nitrogen oxides in the cylinder.

Because Tier 4-I engines require extremely low-sulfur diesel, fuel purity is a key factor for fleet managers.

MAQ PARTS offers spare parts for JCB, Perkins, Deutsch, Cummins and other engines. All spare parts for the Delphi, Bosch, Standine fuel system are installed in almost every engine that fuel injectors and fuel injection pumps that MAQ PARTS brands offer.
Almost all components in construction machinery are manufactured by different manufacturers, through which MAQ PARTS has close cooperation and prices, delivery times, warranty periods and everything that is important for every construction machine owner to receive, we believe we provide it at 100 % so that there is no excessive downtime for each excavator, loader or other construction machine that needs to be replaced.
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